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Resources To Help You Grow

It is our desire to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. This page is designed for that purpose. We will populate this site and add content as we find and develop new resources.

We encourage you to bookmark this page and return here often for new content.

    • A White Paper on The Gifts of the Spirit

      This paper, written by Pastor Aaron Hackett and adopted by the Eldership of Living Faith Church. This paper seeks to explain why we believe that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today. We desire that this will help explain the five popular positions against the operation of the gifts today, and why these arguments fail in light of Scripture.

      Spiritual Gifts

    • Sanctity of Life White Paper

      This document has been prepared to represent the Living Faith Church Eldership’s agreed-upon understanding of what the Bible clearly teaches regarding topics related to the sanctity of life.(NOTE: It is the first of several installments that will deal with a variety of related issues.) It is meant to lay the doctrinal foundation for the more pastoral applications of informing conscience as well as offering forgiveness and healing. Both men and women following Christ may at times need assistance bringing their minds into conformity with the Bible as well as finding a place of forgiveness, healing, and freedom in Christ. We believe the church should not only uphold moral/ethical standards but also provide support for personal and practical solutions.

      Sanctity of Life

    • Dealing With Cremation at the Rapture

      This document has been prepared to bring comfort and clarity to any person questioning the Biblical stance on cremation as it pertains to the rapture. Many have asked the question; "Can my loved one who has been cremated, be raptured". This is a great question, and one that we would love to help you answer.

      Cremation and the Rapture

    • Man Camp Audio Files

      Review all that God did in our lives while at Man Camp. These audio files were recorded during the 2023 Man Camp at Christian Renewal Center in Silverton, OR. Dr. Mark Jones was the guest speaker.

      Listen Here

    • Personal Coaching Talks

      Level up in your personal life. You are the life that you lead. In these talks Pastors Aaron and Stella Hackett will give you some tools to grow in your personal life.

      Listen Here

    • The "In Christ" Statements

      Be encouraged by these 19 "In Christ" statements found in the New Testament. Write these out, post them around your house and put them to memory. This will deepen your relationship with Christ, and give you faith in difficult times.

      Download Here

    • Pr. Aaron's Must Read Books

      Books Are Mentors! Bellow you will find a list of books I have read and have impacted my life greatly. There is a mixture of biographies, self help, leadership and spiritual development. The commitment to be a growing person, the commitment to be a leader is not one to take lightly. These things take work. Make a choice today to be a reader, and grow your life with intent. Each book is accompanied with an Amazon link for your eaase. Click thie link, add to car, and start your growth journey today.

      Must Read Books